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A quarts de quatre… | Tribute Miralles

Exhibition “A quarts de quatre…” located in the Tinell Hall belonging to the series of exhibitions held for the tribute to Enric Miralles in 2021.
Starts on 19/06/2024 End on 04/07/2021

MIRALLES. A quarts of four… The Saló del Tinell exhibition presents four works designed and built over fifteen years: the Igualada cemetery, the Huesca sports pavilion, the Santa Caterina market in Barcelona and the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Each project, at the time of its construction, represented a key event in the evolution of his architecture, and, together, the four together make up the very essence of his work. We wanted to show them through Enric’s most personal documents -sketches, drawings, models and photographs-, trying to make them understandable to the general public, to whom this exhibition is mainly addressed.

It should be remembered that although this venue celebrates the artistic individuality of Enric Miralles, throughout his life he always projected together. It was a vital necessity for him to share work and study with his partners and collaborators. Thus, the Igualada cemetery project is signed with Carme Pinós; the Huesca pavilion with Carme Pinós, Robert Brufau and Agustí Obiol; the Santa Caterina market with Benedetta Tagliabue, and the Scottish Parliament with Benedetta Tagliabue and the Scottish studio RMJM.



Benedetta Tagliabue, Joan Roig i Duran, Victoria Garriga


Sara Manfredini


Júlia de Ory, Nazaret Busto, Nil Corominas


Andrew Macgillivray, Antonio Clemente Lavado, Artyplan, Croquis, Eloi Costilludo, Estivi, Federico Cendagorta, Gabriele Rotelli, Horacio Pérez de Hita, Lucas Hernando, Marc Rabascal, Mario García, Nisan Al Jazairi, Pepo Hernando, Salvador Matas


Anna Vilà, Roberta Landino, Victoria Garriga, Beatriz Míngues de Molina



Agustí Obiol, Carles Crespo, Christian Ritchers, Darragh Casey, Domi Mora, Duccio Malagamba, Esteve Miret, Horacio Pérez Hita, Joan Roca, Josep Ustrell, Marc Sala, Mercat de Santa Caterina, MUHBA, Murray Grigor, Museu Picasso, Pabelló de Bàsquet D’Osca, Parc Cementiri d’Igualada, Roland Halbe, Toni Cumeia
Fundació Enric Miralles