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Memory Textures

International Workshop USMA Panama and FEM
Starts on 19/06/2024 End on 21/12/2023

The objective of the workshop program is the realization of an architectural or artistic proposal on the abandoned site of Can Ricart, an industrial site subject to a competition presented by the architecture studio EMBT in 2009, with the idea of building a museum of language.

The research and development process will be carried out by applying the methodology of the EMBT study through different techniques and materials. It will be an exercise of distancing from handmade and digital work that culminates in the construction of scale models, hand drawings and collages.

The students will work on project proposals, in a very interesting and complex site, creating through architecture a conceptual bridge between
the context and the existing building, considering at all times the urban planning and the city.

The exercise will be supervised by the EMBT Staff and the FEM coordinators of the workshop, and will be complemented with some theoretical classes and visits to some of the works of Enric Miralles.


Academic Institution


Benedetta Tagliabue, Luis A. Carballeda March


Benedetta Tagliabue

Teaching Assistance

Antonio Canovas, Ignacio Candel, Ilia Celiento, Nazaret Busto, Nil Corominas, Simone Contini


Ilia Celiento, Ignacio Candel


Carolina G. Estevez, Guillermo Sorano, Josep Ricart
Fundació Enric Miralles